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Vitam is an online, personalized communication aid that empowers clinicians, family, and student volunteers to help people with communication disorders recover. Vitam has been developed with speech-language pathologists at the University of Michigan Aphasia Program. There are 3 separate products within Vitam: the Yes-No Board, the Picture Board, and the Messaging Template. Each has been designed for people with communication disorders of a certain severity. Click the video to the left to see Vitam in action (turn on the sound)!

Our Story

Vitam is developed by a student group at the University of Michigan dedicated to helping people with communication disorders who have lost their ability to express language reconnect with their loved ones. Linda and Maxwell Weng, inspired by their grandmother's long struggle with Broca’s aphasia (the loss of ability to express language), co-founded Vitam in 2019.

Aphasia Community Art Project

Through this digital quilt, we want to highlight all that people with aphasia, caregivers, and clinicians have accomplished in transitioning to virtual meetings and therapy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you support this mission, please share this project!

Art Project Flyer

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